Male Zimbabwe Athlete Poses as Female, Gets Caught, Blames Witch-Doctor

May 29th, 2009 by Mr. Fanrastic

SitholeA few years ago in Zimbabwe, Samukeliso Sithole decided to pose as a female athlete, and apparently was doing quite well at it. A little too well. He was such a convincing female that his fellow female athletes didn’t feel at all concerned about undressing in front of him. Well, one day, after watching some first-hand undressing and redressing, Sithole and his female friends headed out to the train station. That’s when the mysterious Mr. Mkandla appeared and spilled the beans. Sithole made a run for it, but Mr. Mkandla somehow managed to catch him (I’m guessing Sithole’s heels must have slowed him down).

Now here’s the best part. Sithole’s defence, according to, is as follows:

In his defence, Sithole told the court that he was born with both female and male organs. The athlete added that his parents then consulted a Chipinge traditional healer who gave them some herbs following which he assumed female status.

However, Sithole further alleges that they only paid half the money charged for the services rendered by the healer. As a punishment by the traditional healer for them to pay up the outstanding bill, the male organ only developed recently, he said.

He told the court that he was scheduled to settle the bill with the traditional on his trial day and this would have resulted in him reverting to the female gender.

For some reason, the judge just didn’t buy into the good, old, “It wasn’t there before, I swear!” defence, and threw him in jail for 3.5 years.

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  1. Johnny

    Sounds reasonable. Mr. Fanrastic – I thought this was a humour site, not a news site. Post something ridiculous or hilarious. Geez…