Air Show Douchebags

September 2nd, 2008 by Mr. Fanrastic

When I went to the Canadian International Air Show at Ontario place last year with my dad, they didn’t have many seats on the rooftop patio. Actually, I don’t think they had any, because everyone was standing. This makes it rather difficult to see if you’re in a wheelchair, like my dad, and are positioned anywhere but the front row.

This year they had lots of chairs, all the way to the front row. We managed to get a spot about three or four rows form the front. “Oh good,” I thought, “my dad will be able to see everything.” What I didn’t count on was the ignorance and stupidity of the numerous douchebags who would promptly forget about their seats whenever the announcer directed the audience’s attention to a new airplane.

This guy was a rather slow-looking douchebag. You can see by his size that he is quite effective at standing in the way of whatever you’re trying to look at.

A few more douchebags, demostrating their view-blocking stance.

This guy was by far the biggest douchebag of them all. He was standing right in front of my dad, and completely ignored our calls to sit down. You, sir, are an asshole. Fuck you.

Next year I’m bringing an unignorable megaphone so I can loudly point out that some of us can’t stand. Kindly sit down or GTFO.

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  1. Rage

    Maybe he couldn’t sit because he had recently taken a cock in the fucking ass.

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