The Rainbow Conspiracy

August 7th, 2008 by Mr. Fanrastic

Friends, it has been brought to my attention that the U.S. government is apparently doing *something* to their water supply and their air supply. I have been directed to video evidence of a phenomenon that unarguably confirms this. The commentary you are about to hear makes the facts absolutely clear:

Let’s summarize the key facts that can be gleamed from this video:

  • Metallic iodized salts in the water supply and in the oxygen supply are responsible for creating the rainbow effect in sprinklers;
  • Something is oozing out of the ground that allows this type of effect to happen;
  • Rainbows used to only be observed around the sun and the moon;
  • Now, everywhere we look, the visible spectrum is rainbows;
  • Rainbows in sprinklers cannot be natural because it wasn’t something that happened twenty years ago;
  • This phenomenon is a sign that “they” will take away your constitutional rights and your human rights;
  • These rainbows are happening because of the government’s never-ending thirst for energy sources.

Perhaps the most important fact to take away from this is that an uneducated, paranoid mind can often be the source of unwitting entertainment.

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  1. Gleaming BRIGHT


  2. Gleaming BRIGHT

    also… Something is oozing out of her head!

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