The Fine Line Between Inventiveness and Insanity

June 17th, 2008 by Johnny

What’s in the drinking water at the American Inventor studio? First BulletBall, and now this guy, Stephen Cousineau (AKA Dusty Rose). Obviously the editors had some fun with the footage, but the result is truly hilarious, and editing or not, this guy is clearly living on the edge. Watch out for the incredibly unsubtle music change at 2:55, signalling Stephen’s decision to demonstrate his other invention: laser beam eyes.

My favourite lines:
“My invention is the wheel.”
“I invented the wheels of change. They’re EXACTLY what America is looking for right now, and I’m proud of ‘em.”
“Would I find any kind of wheels competitive to those wheels?” “I AM the competition.” “No seriously.” “I AM serious.”
“This wheel has a subliminal safety signal built-in to it. When this bike stops those wheels keep spinning to send a message out to the environment to be safe on the road.”
… wait. Why am I making a list? Everything that comes out of his mouth is pure gold.

We have to get Stephen Cousineau and Marc Griffin (BulletBall) together for some brain-storming. Whatever invention they come up with will doubtless be garbage, but the real creation will be some amazing television.

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4 Responses

  1. Mr. Fanrastic

    My mind is reeling, like the wheels that keep spinning even after you’ve stopped moving. Holy crap that was funny!

  2. Sal

    Yet more quality posts from Johnny, you have yet to let me down!

  3. Rage

    That reminds me of “fancy” hub caps on cars that spin….Fuck

  4. Kittynne

    It’s too bad the little wheels and gears in his head aren’t churning. :(

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