Domain Names: Size Does Matter

May 22nd, 2008 by Mr. Fanrastic

Yesterday we saw how abbreviating part of a domain name can result in some unintended side effects, including embarrassment and snickering.

But what happens when you avoid abbreviation altogether? Observe:


It’s bad enough that the domain name is over 30 characters long. It’s worse that they used a childish font to make it even harder to read.

Here are some handy warning signs that your domain name might be a tad too long:

  • Your domain name is long enough to hold all the letters of the alphabet, and then some.
  • Your domain name takes up most of the width of your banner.
  • People get stressed out from reading your domain name. For the above example, you might hear “www.centraleg OMG WHAT THE HELL?!?”
  • People get carpal tunnel syndrome from typing your domain.

So keep those domain names short and to the point! (But do try and avoid embarrassing abbreviations)

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