Farfour is Lost!

May 7th, 2008 by Johnny

Though this happened one year ago, I, an ardent fan of the Palestinian kids’ show ‘Tomorrow’s Pioneers’, have only recently learned of this terrible news: everybody’s favourite Mickey Mouse clone has perished! After three months of guiding the children of Palestine in their attempts to clear their homeland of foreign occupation, Farfour the Mouse has been captured, interrogated, and finally killed by Israeli police.

After that fateful day, Farfour’s mission was taken-up by Nahoul the Bee, who strove for the same glory as his predecessor. His fight for freedom included a visit to a zoo, where he noticed some domestic cats in a cage. “The cats here are asleep – the poor, wretched, imprisoned cats. I feel like abusing them. This cat is asleep. I feel like attacking it.” Nahoul, in his zeal to deliver the Holy Land from the tyranny of Zionism, decided to swing the cats around by their tails.

Unfortunately, this great liberator soon became sick, and when the Israelis wouldn’t let him leave Palestine to go to Egypt for much-needed treatment, he died a martyr’s death in his bed.

But worry not! For there is a new arrival who will fight in the place of Farfour and Nahoul and will avenge their deaths! Assoud the Rabbit has come home from Lebanon, and has sworn “. . . I, Assoud, will finish off the Jews and eat them.”

[I wish I was making this stuff up; reality is a hard pill to swallow.]

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3 Responses

  1. Mr. Fanrastic

    I thought American television was bad, but wow… that just takes brainwashing to a whole new level.

  2. Sal

    While I was originally chuckling from the complete absurdity of the original post / video, the second video has left me rather angry. Swinging defenseless cats around by their tails makes me want to harm that guy. ><

  3. Kittynne

    ilu sal(adonaplate) <3

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