Bang-On T-Shirts Over-Priced Rip-Off

April 11th, 2008 by Mr. Fanrastic

If you’re thinking of getting a custom t-shirt printed in Toronto, don’t waste your time with Bang-On T-Shirts. All sales are final and apparently some of the staff have been licking transfer ink because they are completely out to lunch.

Here’s what happened: I went to the Bang-On T-Shirt store on Yonge Street a couple of weeks ago to buy a shirt for my female friend. Being a typical guy, I had no idea what size to get. So of course I got the wrong size.

But since they print the shirt for you on the spot, it’s a final sale – no returns, no exchanges. Which is understandable I suppose, because you don’t want an inventory of over-priced shirts that aren’t going to sell.

So I went back to the store on Yonge Street to get the same print in the right size. Unfortunately they were out of the print that I wanted. The girl behind the counter tried to be helpful and phoned the Queen Street store to see if they had any there. She told me they had some, so off I went.

Upon arriving at the Queen Street store, I discovered that they had only one copy of the print I wanted, and it was damaged. What the fuck? I did not walk all the fucking way over here to get a damaged print. Why wasn’t I told about this? Queen guy said he told Yonge girl that it was damaged. So thanks a lot, Yonge girl.

Logic kicked in and I asked what would happen if the print didn’t transfer properly. After all, I figured I shouldn’t have to pay for their mistake. Wrong! They apparently don’t take any responsibility if they fuck up the transfer. The most they would be willing to do is to give me a few dollars off of their already overpriced shit. Fuck that, I’m outta here.

I’m never shopping at Bang-On T-Shirts again.

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  1. t banwell

    That kid sounds about 14. Is he new to the planet?
    It’s a CUSTOM t shirt, of course there are NO returns.

  2. Mr. Fanrastic

    Hi, Mrs. Banwell,

    Glad to see you got on the Internet. There are some important things you need to know about the Internet. For example, you should read articles in their entirety before you comment on them.

    Let me quote the above article for you:

    “But since they print the shirt for you on the spot, it’s a final sale – no returns, no exchanges. Which is understandable I suppose, because you don’t want an inventory of over-priced shirts that aren’t going to sell.”

    As you can see, the article already covered the understanding that there would be no returns on custom t-shirts.

    Thanks for using the Internet, Mrs. Banwell. Keep trying – you’ll get the hang of it eventually, just like us kids!

  3. Kittynne

    Further proof that we need a graduated licensing system for the Internet.

    It’s always the noobs that resort to insulting a person’s intelligence or age.

    I wonder if Mrs. Banwell would pay for a ham sandwich in a restaurant, even if they dropped it on the floor, forgot the ham, and gave her bread that was stepped on by an employee. It’s a custom sandwich after all, made for her based on her order. I’d love to see the server tell her that there are NO returns, because it’s a CUSTOM sandwich.

  4. Wow

    Bang on is way way over priced. But you guys are doing the exact same thing to “Mrs” Banwell as she did to this person. The only difference is you guys or girls are doing it with the geeky internet talk that you think is cool to everyone else in your little “community”

  5. Mr. Fanrastic

    We’re sorry but we couldn’t hear you over the sound of how awesome we are.

  6. Custom

    Which other custom print shops have you tried, and would now recommend?

  7. Irene

    Mr. Fanrastic, why bother? There’s more exciting ways to torture yourself. You could do it in public and with advanced notice, we all, meaning your little “community” could come and watch and point the laugh-track button, just for fun! Now that really would be fuctastic! or funrastic! whatever.

    P.S. I really don’t think t banwell is married.

  8. Horrified Internet Hermit.

    To Wow,

    The connections you seem to have made regarding this post look to be a figment of your imagination. While it is obvious that you have a point, your ineptitude to communicate this grand realization have rendered that very point obsolete.

    What I mean to say is that you might consider keeping your philosophical ideology to a muted minimum. When its come to be that you’ve acquired the mental prowess of a 16th grader perhaps your statements will make the tiniest bit of sense.


  9. Rage

    I agree, but that being said, I shat on a turtle.

  10. Marcy

    I used to work for Bang-On T-shirts … That entire experience was hard to hear! Any damage done “in-store” you should never be expected to pay for; let alone walk that distance for a damaged decal! Here’s hopin’ they have a better team on sight!

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