Earth Hour

March 29th, 2008 by Kittynne

A friend of mine went out to an Earth Hour celebration tonight.

Being that it was at a location that she was not familiar with, she went online, found the directions, and printed a copy. But the printer was being weird, so she had to re-print another copy.

She got dressed, turned off all the lights in the house, and hopped in her car. On her way to the highway, she stopped at Timmy Ho’s and picked up a coffee (roll up the rim to win!!) and a bagel. Traffic was busier than usual tonight, since many folks decided to attend an Earth Hour event, so she got stuck in traffic. A trip which would have normally taken her 20 minutes took an hour, including time to find parking.

At the event, she received a few pamphlets about Earth Hour and what you can do to reduce waste. She also bought herself a beverage in a disposable cup, a hot dog, and an extra napkin, in case she spilled condiments on herself.

From 8pm to 9pm, she celebrated with lots of other environmentally conscious citizens, their pamphlets, beverages, and snacks.

After the event, she and thousands of other people got into their cars, and again sat in traffic while everyone tried to get out of the parking lots and out of the city.

It’s a good thing she went out tonight. Had she stayed home, she probably would have consumed the energy needed to power the light bulb in her bedroom while she read a book and went to bed early. Oh, she probably would have also used the light bulb in her bathroom, to take a pee or a poop.

I, however, did not go out. I stayed home. So in order to make a contribution equivalent to hers, I turned on all the lights in the house, called Mr. Fanrastic on my cordless phone, and chatted while he put his wash in the dryer.

What did you do for Earth Hour?

A few other notes:

- All over the city, people burned candles instead of turning on the lights. I wonder how much energy and resources it took to make all of those candles.

- The Toronto Symphony Orchestra asked their patrons to bring flashlights to last night’s show. Beyond the fact that the flashlights need to be made, how many batteries do you think were used up and disposed of last night?

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  1. Kaessa

    I stayed home for earth hour. And knitted. And watched tv. :)

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