Home Depot Really, Really Sucks – Part One

March 11th, 2008 by Mr. Fanrastic

Home Depot sucks. They really, really suck. They don’t stand behind their products, and once you’ve handed over your money, they could care less about you.

It all started last November. I ordered a pair of custom blinds, totaling about $323. I was told the blinds would be in within 5-7 days. A week later I phoned to see if they had come in – they had not. I was told it would be a couple more weeks. Fine, I wasn’t in a big rush to get them.

A couple more weeks went by before I received a phone call from Home Depot telling me that my blinds would were still not in and that it would be a couple more weeks. This went on for about another month.

Finally, a full fifty days after I had paid for my blinds, they arrived.

You know how you can never find an available associate when you need one? Try the service desk. There were about eight female associates lollygagging around there. I presented my order form and one of them scurried off to retrieve my long-awaited blinds.

While I was waiting, I started explaining to the associates that the blinds took way too long to arrive. They all chimed in in unison, “Oh, they never arrive in 5-7 days!”

Well that wasn’t what I was told. I pointed out to them that this situation was unacceptable and that I felt I should be compensated for being out $323 for fifty days with nothing to show for it. I was not happy, but I would have to wait for a manager who was “on her way.”

About twenty minutes later, a manager finally showed up. I explained the situation to her, once again reciting the key facts:

  1. I was told the blinds would arrive in 5-7 days;
  2. I had been out $323 for fifty days with nothing to show for it;
  3. I should be compensated for this exceedingly poor service.

The manager informed me that I had the option of canceling my order when they had told me my blinds would be delayed. Oh really? How was I supposed to know this, exactly? Nobody had told me. What they did tell me when I ordered the blinds was that the purchase was non-refundable. But the manager was nice enough to remind me that on future orders I can exercise that option. Fuck you very much.

I received no compensation, and barely even got an apology. Fuck you, Home Depot. Stand behind your products or stop selling them. I will never order anything from Home Depot again.


6 Responses

  1. Rage1979

    I recieved a FREE shed because of the incompetence of Home Depot. Thank you Home Depot! My backyard is now complete!

  2. Kittynne

    Screw Home Depot. Go buy christmas tree ornament hats!

  3. ziggy

    maybe you’re just really, really stupid and was so excited about your new blinds you dumb ass forgot to pay attention to what the associate was saying. and maybe you couldn’t find anyone in the store because the store is understaffed. the world doesn’t revolve around you, you incompetent fool. i work in retail and dealing with assholes that think like you really makes my day. you give me a hard time, i’m going to give you a hard time right back. you’re writing your blog, so it’s only half the story, what really happened?

  4. Kittynne

    You work in retail, eh? Yeah.

  5. Mr. Fanrastic

    Um, Ziggy, you need to chill out. As much as Home Depot pissed me off that day, I was quite civil in person with the store staff. But I’m sure it’s much more fun to imagine me screaming and yelling at the clerks in an immature, childish rage, similar to the one you were in when you posted your comments. Rather than give the store staff a hard time, I decided it would be better to post my experience here so that others can hopefully avoid the same unpleasant experience I had when Home Depot screwed me over.

    If working in retail in Vancouver is really that bad, you might want to consider a career change, Ziggy. Have you considered reality television?

  6. Rage

    I would like to publicly thank Ziggy and people like Ziggy for being in retail. It is because of the incompetence of people like Ziggy that I got a free shed. I used to work in retail, and have met many, many competent people whom still work in retail, but the incompetent incontinent ones help me save money every year.



    P.S. Grammar and spelling are still looked upon as being ‘cool’ and ‘hip’


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