How I Owned a Role-Playing Dork

July 20th, 2007 by Mr. Fanrastic

Where to begin…

Okay. I have a crappy little web site about the Spider-Man 3 movie. On this site I have a few images of the main characters in the film. These images are hosted by me, on my server.

So yesterday I’m looking at my web stats and I see an “in-site referrer” from Last time I checked, isn’t my site. So I decided to investigate.

What I discovered was very disturbing.

I was taken to a thread by SkyCaptain, Ultimate Super Hero. This thread was disturbing for three reasons:

  1. People were role-playing characters from the Spider-Man movie;
  2. It was very bad role playing;
  3. It had one of my images embedded in it.

It’s bad enough that you’re embedding my image and using my bandwidth for every page view. But role-playing? Spider-Man?? In a forum????

I knew what I had to do. I keep a few images on hand for such occasions. I quickly fired up PhotoShop, customized my alternative picture, and replaced the original image with it.

I think the results speak for themselves:

Hello, My name is SkyCaptain
(click for the full-sized image)


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3 Responses

  1. Rage

    HA HA HA, Nice work!

  2. ET

    Nice one!

    I’m confused though as to how is it an “in-site referrer” if the image is referenced from the outside?
    Also, did you actually create the SP image? Or is it some fan-site kit?
    Don’t you need some sort of permission to reproduce Marvel’s IP?

  3. Mr. Fanrastic


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